Missing Teeth

pic6Missing one or more teeth gives unsightly gaps which are embarrassing and prevent most people from smiling or laughing naturally. When a lot of teeth are missing eating and speech may also become a problem. Teeth may be replaced by either dentures, bridges or implants.

Dentures or false teeth are appliances that you can take out of your mouth.  They are made of acrylic/plastic or from chrome-cobalt.  Acrylic is generally the cheapest way of replacing missing teeth.  A chrome-cobalt is more comfortable and stable to wear.

Bridges are made by using crowns over the teeth on each side of the gap to hold the ‘false’ teeth/tooth.  The bridge is cemented onto these teeth so that it cannot be removed by the patient.  They restore the appearance of your teeth without the need for a plate/denture covering your gums.  They are generally more comfortable than a denture but also cost more.

Implants are titanium screws which are placed in your jawbone and can be used to retain a single or multiple crowns or as an anchor for attachments in a denture.  Please see the implant page for more information.