Tooth Whitening

Tooth WhiteningTooth whitening is a procedure to lighten the natural colour of your teeth.  Some teeth are naturally darker or yellower that others and teeth may also tend to get darker as one gets older.  Bleaching is the least expensive way of improving the appearance of your simile.

What does bleaching involve?
There are two methods commonly used.  It can either be done ‘in surgery’ or ‘at home’.

In surgery involves using a 20-35% concentration of a product called hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.  The dentist isolates the teeth to be bleached and applies the peroxide to your teeth.  A special ‘Zoom’ light is then used to activate the peroxide.  The procedure takes about 1 hour.  For maximum effect home bleaching is used for a few days also to achieve the desired result.

At home bleaching requires the dentist to take impressions of your teeth so that special trays can be made to fit over your teeth.  You are given syringes of bleach gel which you inject into the trays and you wear the trays for 1-2 hours per day at home.  You continue for up to 10 days or until the desired whitening is achieved.