pic6What are dental implants?
An implant is an artificial tooth root, made of titanium and used to replace a single or multiple teeth.  Implants are a well established, tried-and-tested treatment.

Do implants hurt?
Placing implants is a very gentle technique and is carried out under simple local anaesthetic.  Sometimes sedation is used if you are anxious or nervous.

Can anyone have implants?
Yes if the condition of your jawbone is suitable and you are generally healthy and not smoking.  X-rays are taken to determine the amount of bone.

Can I take the teeth out with implants?
In most cases the crowns/bridges are fixed to the implants and can only be placed and removed by the dentist.  If you have full dentures these are fixed to the implants by bars which will allow you remove them for cleaning.

Are implants successful?
With careful placement by the dentist and proper maintenance by the patient the success rates for implants can be over 95%.  Patients are advised to visit the hygienist regularly to maintain the health of the tissue around the implants and the remaining natural teeth.

Are implants expensive?
Unfortunately yes but in many cases no more that conventional treatment with crown and bridgework.