Fixed Braces

pic14Coloured braces (1)I have been using straight wire fixed appliances for over 28 yrs and Damon appliance since its launch in 1997.  Since that time there have been many developments both mechanically and aesthetically but the face driven philosophy remains unchanged.  Wherever possible I adopt a non extraction approach.  Clinically I find that the treatment time may be reduced giving the patient a shorter time wearing braces. It is not always possible to achieve the best orthodontic result without extractions, therefore sometimes I do advise that removing teeth will give a improved smile and bite that will be more in balance with the patients face.In my practice I use many different types of fixed appliances because one system does not suit all patients and each patient needs individualised treatment. I can discuss the various options with you at your consultation appointment. Younger patients often like to have colours added to their brace to make it more fashionable and fun.

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