pic9What is Orthodontics?
Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and the treatment of dental and facial irregularities.

What are the main benefits of orthodontic treatment?
A more attractive smile.
Self confidence can be improved when you feel happier about your smile.
Straight teeth are easier to clean so that you can maintain optimum dental health.
Guide permanent teeth into more favourable positions.
Close unsightly spaces.
Improved function of teeth.

Can anybody be treated with orthodontic appliances?
Yes. Appliances can be fitted at any age provided the patient is dentally healthy.  When planning treatment for children it is best take the advice of your orthodontist as to the ideal time to commence treatment.

How long will treatment take?
This depends on your age and how far your teeth need to move.  Mild problems can be treated in quite a short time from 6-12 months.  The average treatment time is 18-24 months.  Complex combined surgical treatments may take in the region of 3 years.

Will braces interfere with playing sports?
No.  However a special mouth guard that can be provided at the practice is advisable for contact sports.

Should I see my general dentist while I have braces?

Yes, you should continue to attend your general dentist every 6 months for check ups and cleanings.