Invisible braces

Invisible BracesLingual Braces
These braces are fitted to the inner surface of your teeth making them almost invisible from the outside. The “Ingognito” and the new ” Win” systems are my lingual braces of choice. These appliances can correct the position of your teeth gradually without anyone noticing that you are wearing them.

With these new lingual appliances patient comfort is improved due to the extremely flat design.

Each appliance is individually designed and produced to fit the patient.

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Clear Aligners
Aligner treatment involves wearing a practically invisible set of clear removable aligners ( similar to very thin clear mouthgaurds ) which are changed every 3-4 weeks to move your teeth into the required position.These aligners are removed only for sports,eating and cleaning. This type of treatment is best suited to adults.

Clear aligners cannot be used to treat all orthodontic problems but can be used successfully to treat mild malocclusions and orthodontic relapse. A high level of patient motivation is essential with this type of orthodontic appliance.